Mixology & Gastropubs in the New Golden Age

I was thrilled to go to Los Angeles, celeb-city, city of Angels and one of the top foodie destinations in the world. But like with most destinations, larger than Amsterdam I mean, the first days I am lost and need to make an itinerary to plough through the must-see and must do attractions. Mixology is a trend that … Continue reading

The Culinist – Friday 15 June 2016

Cooking Tips This week’s cooking tips are about fruits and vegetables. Remember sharing means caring and therefore these cooking tips are not a secret! 1 ) ORGANIC, Maximize flavour in any dish by using organic ingredients. For example take a handful of organic cherry tomatoes to add color and also great taste to any summer salad … Continue reading

Hotel Chocolat Amsterdam – de échte chocolade makers!

In het bruisende hart van Amsterdam ligt een nieuw geheim en unieke belevenis: Hotel Chocolat Hotel Chocolat heeft haar eerste vestiging op het Europese vasteland in Amsterdam geopend op 15 juni 2012.  Anders dan andere chocolade merken werldwijd, is Hotel Chocolat een nieuwe soort chocolatier,  die het maken van luxe chocolade en cacao verbouwen combineert … Continue reading

Hotel Chocolat Amsterdam – the real chocolate artisans

In the bustling heart of Amsterdam lies a new secret and unique experience: Hotel Chocolat. Hotel Chocolat first opened its doors on the European continent on 15 June 2012 in Amsterdam. Unlike other chocolate producers worldwide Hotel Chocolat is a new type of chocolatier, combining the making of luxury chocolates and cocoa growing in one. … Continue reading

“Paris is for lovers maybe that’s why I only stayed there 35 minutes…”

This quote is from the movie “Sabrina” (1954, Director Billy Wilder). I believe the above is not true, as I have met many people, friends, family, acquaintences and business relations who went to Paris for a short break or a stop-over holiday to another European destination who will strongly also strongly agree that the above … Continue reading