@Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam

@Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam

Dewi’s Food & Travel Journal is a culinary experience blog featuring unique food and travel related stories, do-it-yourself recipes to encourage the conviviality of the cooking experience with family and friends as well as culinary experiences during my travels. This blog was born on 22 May 2012 and is based  in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It is called a journal because blogs almost always feature a nostalgic element and I write in a journal-style. Futhermore, my passion for food and travels has learnt me to choose the best and healthiest ingredients from the current season. Restaurants, traitteurs and take-aways are often visited by Dewi’s Food & Travel Journal, out of convenience, but also because my philosophy is “never eat out, when you can make it yourself!”. Therefore, for the best Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Indonesian, French food I also dine out! Naturally, it is my pleasure to share my restaurant reviews as well on Dewi’s Food & Travel Journal!

Dewi’s Food & Travel Journal is also featured on Motherbook. Motherbook is an online platform for fantastic women.

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Happy reading and bon apetit!


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