Burger Chique?!

It is no secret that Burgers are making an uproar. Times of a fatty, salty, soggy, tasteless sandwhich that fits the palm of a child belong to bygone era. Anyone who’s anyone, socialites, models and business professionals are indulging in one of the fastest growing food trends: Burger gone Chique! Don’t be fooled by it’s stereotype name “burger” or even worse “hamburger”, the name symbolizes an almost mystical experience I’m sure 99% of all people must be able to relate to. By the way, I couldn’t imagine a burger being called something like “mince patty sandwich”.
Even in today’s changing food habit landscape focused toward a healthier lifestyle with respect for nature it did not change people from occassionally or purely out of convenience grabbing a quick snack such as a burger! Concepts that first made the burger popular continue to open shops everywhere! In addition to that, nicer, healthier new kids have joined on the block: Burger Meester, Burger Republic and the soon to be open The Butcher Amsterdam promise to satify us with comfort food without the guilt trip afterwards.
Shortly a review will follow about this newest addition, The Butcher Amsterdam.

As a food and travel journalist I am honored and delighted to sample this new breed of Burger Chique soon!

Stay tuned for more Burger Chique @The Butcher Amsterdam blog on wordpress



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