I thought I would some day outgrow Ramen noodles…

Dun Yong Ramen Noodle BarBudgeting was key when I was a student: how to maximize the return on every euro I earned in my first job, while still managing to pay the bills. Some evenings the question of  “what’s for dinner?” was easily solved by making a selection from the wide assortment of instant Ramen noodle packets available in my kitchen cupboard. Chili, chicken, seafood…Method: Empty the contents of the packet into a bowl, boil 2-3 cups of water, pour the boiling water over the packet contents, let simmer and add the small sachet of seasoning for an extra kick! Sounds easy right? It is and as easy as the preparation method is so is the flavor. Wildly savory at first and rapidly fading to an artificial aftertaste.

That is my most vivid Ramen noodle experience. Until my husband informed me that our favorite Chinese supermarket on de “Zeedijk” in Amsterdam now features a newly opened Ramen Noodle bar! This I had to see for myself! I love going to the Chinese supermarket, finding my way through the messy corridors, searching for my favorite Asian goodies.

The setting is informal, on the second floor you will find 5 tables next between the open kitchen, overlooking the “Zeedijk” canal. There is a small menu consisting of some appetizers such as Gyoza and steamed Edamame and 3 varieties of Ramen Noodle soup: Vegetable, with Pork broth and with Chicken broth. Our aim was to have a proper lunch, which you want to have since being in the “Zeedijk” (aka China Town district) your nose is continually teased by the delicious aroma of roast duck almost everywhere! We shared a serving of Gyoza and Edamame and a pot of Jasmine tea to start and finally the Ramen noodle soup. The broth was fragrant and slightly milky, just about covering the noodles with a thin layer of the broth. The whole dish was a piece of art to look at, garnished with various seaweeds. After taking the first sip from the broth I thought I died and gone to heaven! We each devoured our Ramen noodle soup and whispered how good it tastes. I could not help but to watch the chef carefully prepare bowl after bowl. There was one ingredient I could not find what the  white paste was he mixed in the broth before adding the noodles. The chef mentioned that this is the fat that you skim from the stock, which comes from the bones (either pork or chicken) and he adds crushed garlic for a more enhanced flavor. ボナペティ!

So my advice is, should you be going to de “Zeedijk” to do your groceries, a stop by Dun Yong’s Ramen Noodle bar is a must go to! The cooking studio Flavors of the Far East is also open for cooking workshops!

Dun Yong, Stormsteeg 9, 1012 BD Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Open daily see website for more information.

http://www.cooking.dunyong.com and http://www.dunyong.com

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