Picasso I love you

Dora Maar au Chat, 1941

Dora Maar au Chat, 1941 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love the way nature has created you, broad shoulders wrapping me in the warmth of your embrace. Your jade colored eyes capture me, and a smile that curls up to both sides of your face, in a backdrop of azure blue. You give me a satirical wink, only the lines in your face tell me what it means.

I envy your skill and craft, the way your hand moves over the canvas, creating an illusion, becoming reality, elongating your physique and adding the curves to your body.
I feel like that blond woman confined behind an iron door numbed in my inspiration, how I long to capture your seemingly endless world of imagination.
I want to become that nude lion masquerading as a bullfighter, and not only dream of it.
I admire you closely, your silhouette, your posture, and the way the light holds you when you smile.
(inspired by poetry from Pablo Picasso)
Enjoy art by Pablo Picasso in Museu Picasso Barcelona, Musee National Picasso Paris.

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