“Paris is for lovers maybe that’s why I only stayed there 35 minutes…”

This quote is from the movie “Sabrina” (1954, Director Billy Wilder). I believe the above is not true, as I have met many people, friends, family, acquaintences and business relations who went to Paris for a short break or a stop-over holiday to another European destination who will strongly also strongly agree that the above title of my next blog is not true. More importantly, I have been to Paris several times, and found a love for a this French capital city similar to what Ernest Hemmingway once wrote “If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a movable feast.” One thing is true, that Paris is for lovers, but Paris is also for people who love the joie de vivre, love beautiful monumental art, love great gastronomical experiences, and so love-list continues. The question we must ask ourselves when we go to a city like Paris is, “How do I make this experience memorable without getting thrown in the seemingly endless queues, cheap souvenier sellers and picture taking crowds?” What you certainly don’t want is to go home with a feeling that you have seen so much, yet the memory of it simply does not stay. My last visit to Paris was a the result of an impulse with my then potential love interest; we’ve just met and as couples sometimes do, while drifting on their pink cloud, escape to celebrate this new found love!
Be prepared, is one good advice I can give you, which probably applies to all my travels. Have the Capitol Tourist guide in your preferred language, because it features all the factual information of the not-to-miss activities, sights and more. For those of you who travel the opposite direction of the mainstream, have your Wallpaper City Guide with you at all times! The Wallpaper City Guide offers you information to setup an alternative travel itinerary and focuses more one the exclusivity or the not-yet-discovered activities, sights and more. Paris is probably the capital of good food, so anyone who does not appreciate food, are you kidding me?? A fresh croissant can be found on almost every corner of the street. A side street of the Avenue de St Germain has many grocers with finger-licking stuff that makes any foodie go wild. Buy a wedge of Brie de Meaux, a fresh baguette and a bottle of white wine. Take the tube to Mont Martre and have your own picknick on the grass fields in front of this beautiful cathedral overlooking the city. Life is indeed good. So we continue.. stay tuned for a next exciting travel blog.


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